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Hi, I’m Laurette, pleased to meet you.

If you’re ready to get clarity around your money, grow your business with vitality, and create healthy financial habitudes then I’m so glad you stopped by.

I make it easy for small business owners like you to hand over your books, but not give up control of your business finances.

It’s time, ladies and gentlemen, to get rid of those envelopes..
.. by building a monthly accounting system that makes the most sense for your business
.. so you can lean in to the parts of your business where you are needed the most.

You know you’re capable of handling your own accounting books.


But you’ve finally decided that your time could be better spent on running your business. Relief!

You deserve to build a dream team with flexibility while putting your business on the fast track to prosperity.

But really.

When you outsource your small business bookkeeping services it sweetens your bottom line and leverages technology to your advantage.

What does it mean to have me as a virtual bookkeeper in your pocket?

It means if you’re setting up your small business bookkeeping for the first time I can get you up and running.

It means if you need recurring bookkeeping services then let’s forecast your growth each month on-site or remotely.

It means if you need 1:1 training then I can be your accounting resource while teaching you how to be the master of your own bookkeeping.

Put simply.

I’m so much more than your back office, because as fellow small business professionals we’re building a kinship while growing our empires together.

I earn your trust through education, create custom manuals to guide your business finances, and if I continue to be blessed, build a friendship with you over time.

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When did my money management story begin?

Accounting found me, I didn’t find accounting.

I grew up in Pasadena, and I was determined to become a flight attendant. So I went to Orange Coast College to learn everything I could about flight etiquette.

I started taking accounting classes as a backup, because the oil embargo made it clear that flights were going to be grounded indefinitely.

Getting a job in finance was competitive, but possible. Without an Ivy League degree I managed to land a job in the well-heeled halls of Latham and Walkins law firm in Los Angeles. In three years I was a manager billing to the tune of 48 million dollars and the department grew from one to 13.

Earning my BA Finance degree from the University of Phoenix came after marriage and four kids. After working as a controller for 80 hours a week I drew the line in the sand. I decided to open my own bookkeeping business with my law firm and non-profit connections as a sole proprietor in 1998.

In 2006, I became the proud founder, President and CFO of P.I.E., Inc.- Accounting Management Services. Through word of mouth referrals I discovered that I loved working with small businesses, and within the last seven years I have perfected a my signature accounting services and manual system for small businesses.

What’s next? Well, I have always been a UCLA Bruin without yet being a Bruin, so now that the kids are all leaving home, I want earn my MBA at UCLA to sit for the CPA exam.

Some Fun Facts:

My favorite indulgence is spending time with family.

I can’t live without quiet time by myself.

My favorite way to sweat is jogging at the Rose Bowl.

My favorite movie and book is Wuthering Heights.

One of my biggest weaknesses is I have a Big Heart.

When I’m living to the fullest that means I am keeping my word.

I want to leave the world empty of all that I desire.

Professional Bio:

Laurette Clash is a small business bookkeeping maven helping small business professionals tell their money story with clarity. As Founder, President and CFO of P.I.E., Inc.- Accounting Management Services she provides bookkeeping and consulting services to small businesses and non-profit organizations.

Pie Inc. was birthed from a vision that would ensure the stability and success of small businesses. Her positive team player demeanor focuses on the small business’s mission and vision, which always remains close to her heart.

Over the past 16 years, Laurette has consulted with businesses in a variety of fields, providing day-to-day, weekly, and monthly accounting solutions. As a member of the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers with 25 years of management experience at various law firms her strengths are in the area of meeting challenges such as translating complicated tasks into simplified step-by-step processes.

In 2013, she was honored as one of the top 10 from the Count Me In program supported by People Biz. Most recently she has joined Women at Work’s training division to help women create healthy financial habitudes in their small businesses. When she’s not volunteering to teach financial literacy to young adults in the Pasadena area she spends time with her husband and four children in Altadena, CA


Money Loves Clarity, Grow Your Small Business

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