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You’ve been spending your nights and weekends trying to get your small business books in order when you could be working with a virtual bookkeeping accountant.

Let me earn your trust through education, creating custom manuals to guide your business finances, and forecasting your growth through reports.

You deserve to build a dream team with flexibility while putting your business on the fast track to prosperity.

Here’s a snapshot of my simple step-by-step process:

• Intake Form and Goal Setting

• Proposal for Working Agreement

• Review Current Systems

• Service is Established

I know what a CPA wants, so I always deliver what they need. Plus I can assist with accounting projects.

I provide virtual, small business bookkeeping for you in three ways:

I need to start up my small business bookkeeping..

You Get: Each month keyed in for your small business going back to the start date you determine.
You walk away with chart of accounts to produce financial statements and the ability to key in future bookkeeping.

I need recurring bookkeeping management for my small business..

You Get: Verified and reconciled reporting through virtual bookkeeping in addition to a Profit and Loss Statement.
You walk away with a manual of tasks performed, so you can be empowered with the knowledge of how your bookkeeping records work.

I need 1:1 small business bookkeeping training for my business..

You Get: 1:1 Training tailored to what makes the most sense for your business.
You walk away with a customized manual customized that could be used for future self-taught training.



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